• 12 February 2024

If you are an E-commerce store handler, you must be aware of the e-invoice and its importance in businesses. An e-invoice serves as a transaction record and can be used to calculate taxes. It also serves as a legal document that can be used in disputes. In the past, invoices might be an option for […]

  • 28 December 2023

In the sector of finance, GST has become a ubiquitous term. Everyone is aware of this term. Most of us are well versed with GST and its guidelines. However, when it comes to the HSN Code, most of us are not very familiar with it. It is a classification system used to classify goods and […]

  • 19 December 2023

“Security is all about reducing a risk” In this digital era, where online presence is pivotal, WordPress stands out as a cornerstone in website development. With its user-friendly interface and extensive plugin ecosystem, WordPress powers a significant portion of the internet. However, this popularity also makes WordPress sites a prime target for cyber threats. As […]

  • 29 November 2023

Digitising the financial process has proven to be a game changer in the e-commerce business. Among these digital changes, E-invoicing or electronic invoicing evolved as a cornerstone in streamlining financial workflow. It enhances the efficacy, minimizes the error, and ensures compliance and accuracy in the invoicing process.  Adopting E-invoicing means leveraging its key features.  Before […]

  • 20 November 2023

In the realm of taxation in India, the Goods and Service Tax (GST) has been significantly reformed. It streamlined the indirect tax structure and brought about uniformity in the tax structure across the country. Two important aspects of GST are GSTR 8 and Tax Collection at Source (TCS), which play a crucial role in the […]

  • 22 August 2023

 The introduction of GST in India has marked a significant step toward the unified tax structure which streamlined indirect taxation in the country. And the advancement in digital platforms has transformed commerce operations, giving rise to the e-commerce industry.  However, the e-commerce landscape in India is not without its challenges, particularly when it comes to […]

  • 20 July 2023

WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms for WordPress, offering a wide range of features and extensions to enhance the online store. One of the crucial aspects of the online store is sending professional invoices to customers.  A well-crafted invoice can communicate the brand’s value and enhance the company’s image.  We all know […]

  • 16 June 2023

The advent of e-commerce platforms has revolutionised how businesses operate, allowing entrepreneurs to reach a global customer base with relative ease. However, with the implementation of Goods and Service Tax (GST) in many countries, including India, the online seller faced new challenges. Following the GST’s implementation in India, we adhere to the One Nation – […]

  • 19 May 2023

As an online store owner, it is crucial to stay on top of the taxes. Tax can be complicated and the last thing you want is to make a mistake that can cost you a lot of money. That’s where WooCommerce Tax Plugin comes in. This plugin can help you to calculate taxes, generate invoices, […]

  • 28 April 2023

You already have an online store and you want to manage it with more features and enhance its functionality. Using the Shopify app you can take your online ecommerce store from basic to enormous. Shopify is an excellent solution for your already-established store as well as for those who want to build their online store. […]

  • 10 March 2023

From small businesses to large businesses everyone stands to operate their business online. The online store is evolving as a favourite medium for buying a product and selling goods or services.  As an online store owner, it is important to understand the different types of GST that are applicable to your business. Goods and Services […]

  • 21 February 2023

According to article 112 of the Indian constitution,  the union budget for the year is a statement of the government’s anticipated receipts and outlays for that specific year. It keeps the account of the government finance for the financial year and runs from 1st April to 31st March. The Finance Minister’s Union Budget 2023, which […]

  • 17 February 2023

In India, the Goods and Service Tax (GST) is imposed on the provision of products and services. It is a compressive, multi-stage tax including all indirect taxes except for the few state tax.  The term “multi-stage GST” refers to a tax that must be collected from all stakeholders, including the consumer, at all stages of […]

  • 20 January 2023

GST, or Goods and Services Tax, is a consumption-based tax that is used in many countries, including India. And in the context of Indian taxation, it is the most important reform.  There is disagreement about GST Registration for E-commerce. While some may view it as a mistake, others may see it as a significant advantage. […]

  • 16 December 2022

We must state that this is the Era of eCommerce enterprises. As this grew, it carved out its own niche in the market. If it continues to develop at this rate, it will rule all businesses.   Since the government mandated that to GST register for eCommerce sellers, there are various GST registration exemption, such as […]

  • 25 November 2022

GST is a complex tax that has been in existence for a long time. It was enforced on July 1st, 2017 in India and it became mandatory for all businesses to charge and collect GST on their products and services. The introduction of GST in India has also had a significant impact on e-commerce sellers. […]

  • 08 September 2022

The eCommerce market is growing immensely, and new businesses are cropping up every day. ECommerce sales are expected to surpass $350 billion by 2030. If you’re looking for a business idea that will give you an edge in the coming years, starting an eCommerce company may be your answer. With so many eCommerce startups launching […]

  • 18 August 2022

E-commerce has changed the way of doing business in today’s world. With the rising number of online shoppers, there are more and more businesses going and growing online. Among all the ease that online businesses have in India, here we are going to discuss one i.e awarded to us called the GST registration for eCommerce.  […]

  • 26 July 2022

Starting an online eCommerce store is a very expensive business considering the involved products, dealers, website, shipping and so on. But don’t let it stop you from owning an online business. Here is the solution. Start an online store without inventory.  This online eCommerce store will save you lots and lots of costs right from […]

  • 05 July 2022

WooCommerce has brought many businesses on the digital platform. But, what has brought success to them are the plugins from the WooCommerce plugin store. Here, we are to talk about one of those efficient plugins that build an ever-evolved website. The plugin is called Woo GST and is a GST plugin for WooCommerce. What does […]

  • 23 June 2022

How To Turn Your Idea Into Online Business This 2022 For nearly the past 4 decades, we have been transacting in eCommerce. Yet, this is a great time to land your idea into an online business or to expand your retail shop by taking it online as the stats suggest that the number of online […]

  • 24 May 2022

What does the WooCommerce Mobile App bring to your Business? You might have recently upgraded your small business by launching a website with the help of woo-commerce. But, your website hasn’t achieved the expected consumer engagement. Wonder why? Who makes the effort to surf the website if there’s a choice of the mobile app or […]

  • 02 March 2022

Ever observed some random eCommerce sites on social media winning attention not by knocking the needs but the buyer desires. That’s one of the symptoms of a perfectly growing web store. The process of sale starts way before the customer clicks on ‘Place order’. In between the lockdowns 1.0, 2.0, …, and whatnot, we all […]

  • 11 February 2022

The Government keeps on updating and amending the tax-related provisions. Updating according to these provisions is not always easy for online businesses. And hence, the Woocommerce GST plugin is often helpful to make changes to the GST settings of your e-commerce website. But the government has recently put up a lot of work on our […]

  • 31 December 2021

CBIC on November 18th announced the changes that are going to occur in the GST regime from the 1st of January, 2022. The government implemented these changes to prevent tax evasion              The changes are mostly procedural and hence are going to affect e-commerce businesses and food delivery service providers. It won’t impact the end consumers […]

  • 26 April 2021

Micro, Small and medium enterprise has played a pivotal role in providing employment and growth to a developing nation like India. For many years, small businesses are contributing 42% of total export and 50% of the industrial output. For India, MSMEs have emerged as a ray of hope with development and growth in every sector. […]

  • 15 February 2021

The Expansion Of E-commerce Industry Post Covid-19 What exactly is the e-commerce industry built on? Understanding the core of any industry is crucial, it decides the prospect of all the companies that are indulging and competing in the same arena. Electronic commerce is nothing but the sales and purchases of goods or services with the […]

  • 11 February 2021

Smart invoicing has become the most sought-after method for following up on your orders along with taxation. Of course, it adds the burden of GST calculations and keeping track of records of all the incoming orders. Basically, an invoice is a time-stamped business report that details and registers a transaction between a customer and a […]

  • 10 February 2021

Who can apply for GST? What is GST? GST Enrollment is a procedure by which a taxpayer gets himself enlisted under GST. When one enlists the business effectively, there is an allotment of a special enrollment number to them known as the Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN). This is a 15-digit number appointed […]

  • 13 October 2020

GST Registration GST enlistment number or GSTIN is a unique 15-digit number given by the duty specialists to screen charge instalments and compliances of the enrolled individual. Applying for the establishment of a business requires various arrangements of records. We are going to look at each of those important documents required for GST registration here. […]

  • 02 September 2020

Why use the GST plugin for eCommerce Website? Business with eCommerce was a lot easier before the execution of GST in India. After the compulsion of GST on all sorts of goods and service providers, it became difficult to manage, calculate, and apply GST for vendors.  Calculating GST for traditional vendors (The ones who are […]

  • 29 October 2018

Have an online business? In 2017 e-commerce sales were as high as $2,304 billion and are expected to grow upto $2,842 billion this year! The good news is that Woo Commerce GST plug-in helps you manage your goods and service taxes for your e-commerce sites from anywhere in the world on your fingertips. You just […]