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Make GST Compliance Effortless for WooCommerce. Easily manage taxes and auto-generate e-invoices with WooCommerce GST Plugin.


WooGST Plugin - Streamline Your GST Compliance

Streamline your business and simplify tax compliance with our WordPress GST Solution.

Here are some of the key features of our plugin

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Configure GST Setting

Our WordPress GST Solution helps you to configure your GST settings. Ensures that your WooCommerce store is fully compliant with the latest GST regulations.

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Add Your Own TAX Slab

The plugin supports single and multiple tax slabs. Choose a single or set up multiple tax slabs (e.g., 5%, 10%, 15%) depending on products or services.

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Built-in Invoice Features

With this feature, you can easily generate and download GST-compliant customized invoices by adding your store logo, name, etc.

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GST Enabled WooCommerce

The WooCommerce GST Plugin is fully compatible with WooCommerce, so you can seamlessly enable GST compliance on your online store.

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Easy Upload and Install

Simply download, add your license key to the settings, and activate it. Plugin has over 3000+ active downloads all over the globe.

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Product wise GST

You can apply GST taxes to your products based on their individual tax rates. This feature ensures that your GST calculations are accurate.


    Subscription Plans To Cater For Your Needs

    Get a flexible pricing option with WooCommerce GST Plugin


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    Lifetime Free Update

    Ticket Support

    1 Year Free Ticket Support

    Admin can configure GST settings.


    Add their GSTIN code and which will be shown on the invoice.


    Meta field for ‘HSN Code’


    Can choose required tax slabs.


    Generates tax slabs with CGST, SGST and IGST.


    Able to generate PDF invoices for the order


    Allow you to add HSN code for the product


    Customize the invoice with your store logo, name, address etc.


    Make GST Set-up quick and easy

    Follow these simple steps for easy installation and start simplifying your tax compliance today!!!


    Purchase plugin

    Direct download from the website without any hassle and add the new plug-in into your WooCommerce enabled store.


    Activate the plugin

    The license key will be received in your email for activation. To activate the plugin, navigate to ‘GST Settings’ in your store dashboard and add the license key in the text field.


    Configuring tax slabs

    One can add single or multiple tax slabs (5%, 10%, 15% etc), depending on the need and type of product.


    Customize invoice

    Get a customised invoice by adding your store name, logo and note in the footer which will appear in the PDF format of the invoice.

    WooCommerce GST Plugin: Reason to Love it

    • Configure GST settings as per the norm
    • Dynamic tax slabs
    • Capture customer GSTIN Number
    • Customize invoice
    • Auto-generate PDF invoice

    Get Technical Support

    For any queries or concern drop us a line. We are always available to hear from you.

    Frequently asked questions

    Log in to your WordPress Admin account, select WooCommerce, and click on the Settings sub-tab. Select the ‘General’ tool tab on the top left corner of the dashboard and enable tax rates and calculations, then access the Tax tab on the toolbar, and select GST Setting. Add your tax slabs using the select multiple tax slabs option and save your changes. Your tax slabs will then be added to the Tax tab options, and the plugin will automatically calculate GST for your products.

    GST is applied across all industries, whether they are service- or product-based. As long as they sell products online using the WooCommerce platform, the FMCG, pharmaceutical, and health industries, as well as those in electronics, investments, construction, etc., can all use this GST plugin.

    Although WooGST Plugin Pro is designed for use on a single domain, you can not use it on multiple domains. However, You can still use it in the local environment in addition to the production domain.

    Yes, there are some differences in features between WooGST Plugin and WooGST Plugin Pro. WooGST Plugin Pro offers lifetime updates and one-year free support, distinguishing it from the standard WooGST Plugin. Additionally, the Pro version includes exclusive features such as custom invoice generation and HSN code support, which are not available in the basic version.

    You can view/download our sample invoice.

    To make the plugin compatible with the High-Performance Order Storage(HPOS) please add the below code in the given file :

    add_action( ‘before_woocommerce_init’, function() {
    if ( class_exists( \Automattic\WooCommerce\Utilities\FeaturesUtil::class ) ) {
    \Automattic\WooCommerce\Utilities\FeaturesUtil::declare_compatibility( ‘custom_order_tables’, __FILE__, true );
    } );

    Path: wp-content/plugins/woo-gst/

    File Name: woocommerce-gst-addon.php

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