• March 2, 2022

Ever observed some random eCommerce sites on social media winning attention not by knocking the needs but the buyer desires. That’s one of the symptoms of a perfectly growing web store. The process of sale starts way before the customer clicks on ‘Place order’. In between the lockdowns 1.0, 2.0, …, and whatnot, we all have seen tremendous growth in the eCommerce sector. Even the most popular offline grocery stores went online. This adaption was feasible for such small and medium-scale businesses because of the WordPress WooCommerce plugin.

The sole motive behind developing this free WooCommerce plugin is to be able to sell anything on the web. WooCommerce powers 99% of all WordPress stores, with more than 27 million downloads. Woocommerce plugin allows you to buy the add-on plugins to add more features and efficiency to your website. However, it already has some worthwhile features like order tracking, inventory management, customer engagement, delivery status updates, etc. Let’s dig a little deep into the convenience of this plugin.

Innovative framework : 

Inspecting the innovative framework of WooCommerce results in the understanding of the double benefit from its modularity. The developers’ community plug-in all the energy in developing the extensions to add on the specific functionality to the store. All the retailers of WooCommerce have access to all these extensions and plenty of other WordPress plugins. It aces all the eCommerce stores as it suggests the useful functionalities that could be added while setting up your WooCommerce store and make it stand as a perfect eCommerce platform.

Evaluation of Costs and Taxes :

Speaking of additional extensions and plugins, the main functionality to be added is the pricing of the products. For convenient evaluations and book-keeping, the system of e-invoicing stands first and so is the WooCommerce GST plugin. Indeed, there is an automated tax calculation feature in Woocommerce. But, as India follows ‘one nation, one tax’, this one is a specific GST plugin for WooCommerce. Also, it auto-generates the invoices. 

Talking about the pricing of the plugin, the eCommerce applications range from free to many thousands of dollars. Although, the amount of financial investment is not necessarily proportional to the sale. WooCommerce plugin helps you develop an efficient website, with or without financial investment. 

Ability to Sell anything :

From cotton to subscriptions, for anyone and everyone, the WooCommerce plugin can be used to sell anything.  Simple physical products, appointments to members-only digital content, anything. Give options to your customers to choose from endless product variations, subscription options, single items, or bundles. Woocommerce is incredibly flexible and highly expansive. 

Growing with your Business : 

WooCommerce is the best way to grow your eCommerce site as a WordPress user with a very low degree of difficulty. It is easy to use for beginner site owners. As the add-on plugins extend the functionality of your WooCommerce store, it results in the growth of your business. Hence, growth in added integrations and business growth go hand in hand. 

Strong Analytics : 

The rise and fall in sales could be controlled by the complete analysis of consumer behavior. Woocommerce has built-in structured analytics which works with utmost accuracy and is displayed in a clear and inbuilt interface. Also, the Google Analytics extension is there to serve as external support. Because the more you know about consumers’ interests and their communication with your store and its products, the better.

Market Your Store :

After analysing the consumer behaviour, there comes a point of Marketing. You can boost your sales by listing products on Google Shopping, promoting your store on Facebook, or emailing customers with Omnisend. Woocommerce has plenty of extensions that enables you to optimise your store for sales by giving yourself more discount and coupon options, adding in email and social integrations or powering up your reporting.  Also, it offers a wide variety of content management options, including blogging, landing pages, email marketing, and product descriptions. Being based on the world’s most popular content management system, content management becomes a forte in marketing your WooCommerce store. 

Manage Orders On the Go :

WooCommerce provides – 

  • live shipping rates from leading carriers

(Avoids the efforts of copy-pasting the order details into fulfilment software),

  • options to print labels at home

(prepare, print and save your invoices manually or bring automation with Woocommerce GST plugin),

  • mobile app for iOS and Android.

This saves a lot of valuable time. Also, it provides a fast and responsive eCommerce experience for online stores of all sizes.  


Sell to the World : 

As WooCommerce was designed with the sole purpose of selling, it did not limit the boundaries for shipping. With over hundreds of payment getaways, configurable shipping methods, efficient marketing management and streamlined documentation, you can sell to the world. There are plenty of overseas shipping services that had joined WooCommerce as partners. They offer the retailers to go global.

Open source and self-sufficiency :

WooCommerce being open-source, you get complete ownership of your store. It is expandable and flexible. It allows you to become self-sufficient in enhancing your store. The store data is easily accessible anywhere and anytime with 100% security. Woocommerce is vigilant about maintaining strong security as they deal with customers’ financial information and other sensitive data.

Ability to handle immensity : 

There is no particular limit on the count of products. Woocommerce can handle both tiny and immense business equally well and with ease. However, the number of extensions, add-on plugins and the amount of traffic might slow down the site. But, you can speed up your WooCommerce store by combining it with a performance-optimizing extension like WooCommerce hosting to maximise the performance of your WooCommerce site. 

Woocommerce is an incredible way to build a brilliant site that supports your brand, tells your journey, displays all kinds of content, and can grant your customers utter joy in online shopping. It is a very popular choice among small-scale and medium-scale businesses as their source to monetize their website. It allows them to get an edge over any of the other giant competitors with an ideal website. 

Among all the reasons behind the popularity of WooCommerce, foremost is the fact that it is relatively easy to install and configure, which is always a bonus for busy new digital retailers. In this rush, the WooCommerce GST plugin is trying to bring ease in the transactions and is minimising the chances of human errors in your web store. Still, believe in traditional investments for insubstantial effects? Must not. Set up your store for huge turnovers.