• April 9, 2021

Digital technology has given businesses a fresh perspective towards a new way of dealing with customers and overall business operations. While most people wish to transform their business into a digital phenomenon, many are still stringent with their traditional way of handling operations. 

According to Daniel Newman,” The digital transformation will have an impact on businesses that do not choose to adopt the up-and-coming technology. In fact, these businesses may suffer the consequences and be left behind.” Smart invoicing or e-invoicing is kind of a similar up-and-coming technology that is going to give businesses a digital advantage that, over a period of time, will reduce the total cost of paper consumption and enhance businesses’ overall customer service. 

What is an e-invoice?

There are people who confuse digital invoices with e-invoices. A digital invoice can be seen and operated digitally; however, an e-invoice is automatically generated in the seller’s invoice system, web-based form, or via an online bank. The e-invoice is directly sent to the buyer’s software via an e-invoicing operator. An e-invoicing operator is similar to a postal service for a paper invoice. Every e-invoice software has its own e-invoicing address. 

e-invoicing enables businesses to avoid unnecessary procedures like manual data entry and error-checking processes. Unlike the other documents online, e-invoicing comes in a structured format that a buyer’s software can easily access. They do not come in Word, Excel or PDF format, instead, e-invoicing comes in XML or EDI formats. 

Reasons Why Businesses Ought to Switch to e-invoicing

If you haven’t switched to electronic invoicing yet, then perhaps this is the right time to switch and these are the reasons why:- 

  • Cost-Effective

E-invoicing enables you to save on the cost of paper and postal services. All you need to do is invest a small amount in e-invoice software and send customers an easy-to-access digital copy of their bill. 

  • Immaculate Billing

By going digital, you can minimize the mistakes of manual data entry and create immaculate billing copies, saving time and effort.

  • Saves Time

With e-invoicing, multiple unnecessary steps are cut off in between, including manual data entry, putting the bills in a particular folder, and checking if the data entered is done correctly.

  • Fast Payments

It takes less effort and time for customers to pay via an electronic bill with QR Code. 

  • Seamless Tracking and Control

With electronic invoice software, you can seamlessly track bills via reports and analytics. Since the bill is saved on one platform, it becomes easy to handle and manage e-invoices from any device. 

  • Built-in Invoice Features 

Customize your invoice for professional billing with Woocommerce GST. Here you can seamlessly incorporate your name, address, GST number, personal message, and multiple tax slabs.  

Generating electronic invoices for your customers is extremely necessary to minimize errors and maintain large billing data in one place. It’s high time to turn digital with your billing software and get an edge over your competitors.