• July 5, 2022

WooCommerce has brought many businesses on the digital platform. But, what has brought success to them are the plugins from the WooCommerce plugin store. Here, we are to talk about one of those efficient plugins that build an ever-evolved website. The plugin is called Woo GST and is a GST plugin for WooCommerce.

What does it do? WooCommerce GST plugin is a GST invoice plugin that deals with the GST calculations of your WooCommerce store and autogenerates the invoice. It has grown popular among business owners and has gained a lot of trust over the years. Know the reasons behind this growth here, in this blog. Let’s get started.

1. Exclusive Features of WooCommerce GST Plugin

Woo GST brings ease to the GST calculations and also replaces the billing software. Check out its exclusive features to understand it better.

Configure GST settings

In GST Configuration, one can customise the invoice by adding the logo, store name and address. A note can be added in the footer which will appear in the PDF format of an invoice.

Add your own TAX slab

After the successful activation of the plugin, one can easily add single or multiple tax slabs (CGST, SGST and IGST), depending on the need and type of product. Also, they can be updated from time to time. 

Built-in Invoice Features

Along with calculating the tax slabs, it also auto-generates customised invoices for every purchased product in PDF with GSTIN and HSN number. Here are the types of sample invoices Woo GST offers – 

  • Pro forma invoice
  • Interim invoice
  • Final invoice
  • Past due invoice
  • Recurring invoice
  • Credit memo

Check out the formats of these sample invoices 

GST Enabled WooCommerce

Being the only GST plugin in the WooCommerce plugin store it can be configured with the WooCommerce platform only provided the merchant sells online products or services. 

Easy Upload and Install

  • Download Plugin
    Direct download from the website without any hassle and add the new plug-in in WooCommence.
  • Activate the plugin
    The license key for activation will be received via email. To activate the plugin, navigate to GST Setting and add the license key in the text field.
  • Configure the Tax Slabs
    Add single or multiple tax slabs (CGST, SGST and IGST).
  • Customise invoice
    Customise the invoice as mentioned previously. 

Product-wise GST

One can configure the different tax slabs depending on the type of product as per the GST norms through this GST plugin for WooCommerce.

2. Authenticity and Reliability 

A poor user experience can make the WooCommerce Plugin Store suffer. When it comes to billing the placed order, it is like the final destination and an error there can sometimes result in cancelled purchases. 

GST plugin for WooCommerce rescues you from such threats. As the other plugins help enhance your WooCommerce plugin store, Woo GST helps it survive with its ever-evolved user experience making it reliable and 100% authentic. 

3. Error-free efficient performance

In the world of automation, the focus is observed to be on minimizing the human-error. Accountancy has a whole section of rectification of errors to rectify the errors that occurred due to humans. But, reworking the same data consumes a lot of time and effort. Though the printed invoice is a digital invoice, inserting the data and the calculations don’t take place digitally. 

Here, it’s just about configuring the billing settings i.e GST settings once or updating the changes after new provisions, and all the calculations will take place automatically to generate an error-free invoice.

4. Customers love us

We serve all you need regarding the Indian GST structure along with customising tax slabs for WooCommerce Plugin Store and have been serving with constant efficiency for the past 4 years. We take a bit of a load of responsibilities on your shoulder as an online business owner and provide ease and accuracy in the billing. 

Here are the highlights of why the WooCommerce GST Plugin is loved by our customers – 

  • Configure GST settings as per the norm
  • Dynamic Tax Slabs
  • Capture customer GSTIN Number
  • Customise Invoice
  • Auto-generate PDF invoice

What else does a WooCommerce business expect from the billing system? Let us know. We are adding more features and have always been looking up for betterment if we have ever failed to deliver the up-to-the-mark performance. 

If not, download this easy and powerful plugin to manage the GST for your WooCommerce plugin store and push your business to the next level.