• May 24, 2022

What does the WooCommerce Mobile App bring to your Business?

You might have recently upgraded your small business by launching a website with the help of woo-commerce. But, your website hasn’t achieved the expected consumer engagement. Wonder why? Who makes the effort to surf the website if there’s a choice of the mobile app or web app? 1 out of 100 would maybe.

When it comes to eCommerce customers, a general human tendency is to look for ease and comfort and a WooCommerce mobile app award the same. Also, once the app is installed on the user’s Android or iOS device, the user interaction gets easier. 

If you create your own Woocommerce Android or iOS app using the WooCommerce plugin or convert your WooCommerce store to an app, it will bring many benefits to your business. 

Benefits of taking your WooCommerce store to the mobile app :

Easy to handle

It’s not always that your buyer will be able to carry heavy devices like laptops or have easy access to a PC. And won’t necessarily wait till he reaches the devices. With the WooCommerce Android app or WooCommerce iOS app, your store can be carried inside the pocket and can be accessed at any required time.

Free of cost

WooCommerce is a one-time investment and it’s true. Converting your WooCommerce store into a mobile app does not ask for a single additional penny. However, if you want to add efficiency to your store, you can opt for various WooCommerce plugins like ours. 

But, connecting your WooCommerce store to a mobile app does not involve any hidden costs. 

Real-time monitoring by tracking your stats

A mobile app provides you with live stats. You can check on your winning products and also the required improvements. It shows these reports in an interactive graphical format just like laptops or PCs. 

The WooCommerce mobile app keeps tabs on overall revenue, order count, and visitor data by week, month, and year. You can do real-time monitoring to evaluate your performance by glancing through these key stats.

Switching between the multiple stores

An android or iOS WooCommerce app allows you to connect to multiple WooCommerce stores.  You can manage two different businesses inside a single app.

It also brings ease in creating, editing, and publishing products directly by using the mobile device. You can turn your ideas into products by capturing your creativity in a moment and can save them as a draft for later and switch to the other store for the same. 

Push notifications

Bringing your WooCommerce store on an app keeps your users notified about all the information to be pitched without any special initiative by the users than installing the app. Once your app makes place on their Android or iOS device, it is easy to nudge with the discount offers, new arrivals and all the other updates with the help of push notifications.

This push medium of notifications delivers an increase in the click rate. Also, there might be instances where this medium covers a large percentage of the click rate.

Dark Mode

Going through the options for hours on the eCommerce store and then finally ordering your required product is a lengthy and tedious process. But, managing such stores is even lengthier. To make this huge screen time pleasant, WooCommerce offers the dark mode in its apps. 

The dark mode is a sleek alternative to the colour scheme that is easy on the eyes. This brings you the business by providing a user-friendly interface.

Offline Mode

Along with the user-friendly interface, some additional features can offer an offline mode to your WooCommerce mobile app. Through this, no sale or other management would be interrupted in no-network zones or situations.

An offline mode also saves the data for the tedious process of checking through the products for the customers. Also, no products are ignored as there is no buffer time. You can check out the WooCommerce plugin to add this additional feature to your app.

Now that we know the benefits of managing the WooCommerce mobile app, see the ways in which it helps your online business.

How does the WooCommerce Mobile app help your online business?

Boosts the brand identity of your woo-commerce store

The eCommerce stores with android or iOS apps have big brand names. The app awards that exposure to your brand identity. The reason behind that is that 

  • The apps are more exclusive,
  • Provide a seamless interface friendly to the native users,
  • Personalise your engagement with your customers,
  • Become an amazing branding tool that increases the reach. 

Growth in the customer engagement

Customer retention is easier with the app. Once a customer starts using an app, then there is no going back. The checkout reminders, Discount offers, and festive notifications are the additional sources. But, very primarily, if a customer places an order from your app, it is more likely to get the orders very often and repetitively.

Once you make a place for your WooCommerce store on the customer’s device through an app, it is very easy to raise the sale. 

Gaining the customer trust

The customer gets the reviews, order tracking, brand certifications, special discount offers, new arrivals, and all the other additions and updates all in one place in a user-friendly interface through an app. This transparency and efficiency help in gaining customer trust. 

WooCommerce Extensions

An app provides you with enhancing extensions. Like our GST invoice plugin by WooCommerce, saves your time by auto-generating the tax calculated invoices. More such efforts of printing and shipping are saved by the use of the other WooCommerce plugins/extensions. As for the GST invoice plugin, the WooCommerce GST plugin is the only plugin that deals with the tax calculation of your WooCommerce store and auto-generates the invoice and is compatible with both website and mobile applications.

Level up your WooCommerce store by connecting it to the Android or iOS app and bringing ease to the transactions of your store with the add-on GST invoice plugin by WooCommerce.